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Therapy can be a wonderful way of finding meaning in one’s life – as it is now – while still striving to make important changes!

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Life is hard sometimes. We all know what it feels like to be sad or mad or scared; sometimes depressed or anxious, or sometimes just confused and lost. It’s all just part of the human condition. But sometimes when life gets hard we make it harder than it needs to be with self-blame and judgement so that it begins to feel unbearable or out of control. Our job is to help you to look at yourself with acceptance and compassion and understanding so that life’s difficulties can be dealt with in perspective. I’ve worked with many individuals and couples many years and I’ve been very involved in training other therapists to do the same. I care deeply about what I do and I invite you to come and meet us and see for yourself.

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Focusing on inherent strengths helps clients actively express themselves and leads to a more authentic, motivated, and invigorated life of achievement and successes.


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Hello and welcome Expat! We all strive to feel happy and fulfilled in our lives but unhealthy patterns of feeling or thinking often leave us feeling dissatisfied, lost or stuck, and without a sense of who we really are. Although we make our best efforts to make positive changes on our own, we may reach a point where the support and guidance of a trained professional can help facilitate these changes.

Taiya-Lynn - Korchinski

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As a therapist, it is gratifying to participate in a person’s process of change and growth. I like to help people discover new insights about themselves, and how they feel and behave in relationships with others. This awareness, as well as recognizing how past experiences impact current behavior and feelings, can be empowering and helpful in changing old patterns. We tend to withdraw and silence ourselves when we actually should talk and discuss our concerns and issues. Our lives are so complicated by ourselves and by others surrounding us and we often are lost in the dynamics of past or present fears, sadness, dependence and co-dependence. It is extremely difficult to gain full awareness of such dynamics and integrate it on our own – while fighting feelings of inadequacy, fear of rejection and sense of abandonment. Very often a warm and understanding psychotherapist becomes the only point of emotional anchorage in the fight for one’s integration necessary on the path to one’s peace of mind, self-realization, and happiness.

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Kendall Willems-Cygan

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Psychotherapy is about providing people with a real relationship in which one can complete developmental struggles, unearth buried strengths, revisit wounds while being accompanied by an ally, and finally graduate from the therapeutic relationship feeling both self-sufficient and connected to others. I believe therapy is a tool everyone can use at some point in their lives. Often times this is during a time of transition, something new in your life may bring up feelings of fear, sadness, or even anger. It is important throughout our lives to continue to seek and find meaning in whatever way makes sense to you. Best of all therapy pays for itself, in the end, you will have more clarity and be able to begin focusing on what’s important to you with fewer interference’s. The decision to pursue therapy is a personal one. It is also a courageous and bold step in one’s life. I believe that all persons have an innate strength and ability to contribute to their own healing and growth.

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