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Therapy can be a wonderful way of finding meaning in one’s life – as it is now – while still striving to make important changes!

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Some challenges are so big that you can’t solve them alone. It can be scary to realize you need help, but therapy can help you move forward. You are not alone! Send us an email: info@expatspsychologist.com

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While we sincerely welcome all clients, we have an affinity for an expats, emigrants, foreigners, diplomats, International students. When life throws you a curve and you find yourself dealing with unexpected health and emotional issues, deciding to seek out someone to talk to can be a good idea. We are trained in many methods to listen to what you say and feel. We listen with an ear toward understanding the experiences that you are going through but we also listen to uncover emotions that are held in check, possibly because survival takes precedence. Sometimes what you are feeling may be uncomfortable to express and difficult to accept. So, we talk about that. You have the opportunity to elaborate on your feelings, to grow from considering them in a new light and to change. We work together. Email us: info@expatspsychologist.com

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Therapy is a process that helps us grow. Experiences such as trauma in childhood, loss, or a relationship breaking up, can lead us to feel stuck in ways of being that don’t allow us to reach our full potential. We work with people by helping them to see and transform the patterns of belief and relating with others that have come from these difficult experiences and are holding them back. For example, many people walk around with a sense that they are unworthy. They actually believe this! And it causes them so much pain! Our approach is to discover the experiences that have led them to feel this way, and to connect to them emotionally. By doing this, we come to see that the person is not unworthy, but instead has had a variety of experiences and received a variety of messages that have caused them to feel this way. When a person can really see and feel this deeply, they are free to develop their true self-worth and live in a way that is less constricted and bound by fears from the past.

This is just one example of the many messages that we carry around and that lead us to feel like less than we truly are. We will help you to become aware of the messages that you carry that are hindering you. At the same time, we will work together to help you discover and develop your true self, the part of you that is whole, healthy, and can live with more vitality. Our way of working with people is to be open to feedback, and we will alter our approach based on what you need. Email us: info@expatspsychologist.com

email: info@expatspsychologist.com