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Executive Coaching situated in 2 locations: Raamweg 4, 2596 HL , The Hague and President Kennedylaan 19, 2517 JK, The Hague
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Coaching imparts culture-related knowledge and thus raises your awareness of the impact of culture on your life and in particular on your private and professional interpersonal relationships. Changes occur simultaneously in virtually every aspect of an expat’s life. The things that worked well at home may not be quite right for the new context. Coaching encourages new behaviors that are appropriate in it.  A qualified expat coach helps to improve relations and cooperation with international business partners, to deal with differing expectations, the occurrence of unpredictable difficulties and family problems. Moving may cause the feeling of lost identity, resentfulness for the sacrifices you feel you have made, also difficulties in establishing a new routine. Expat coaching helps you to take back control of who you are or want to be in your new country.