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Executive coaching by psychologist

Executive Coaching situated in 2 locations: Raamweg 4, 2596 HL , The Hague and President Kennedylaan 19, 2517 JK, The Hague
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Gifted & Talented coaching

Stimulating the talents of gifted people

Gifted people tend to analyze themselves a lot and may judge themselves by impossibly high standards. They are poorly understood minority  and they do not even understand themselves, so they seeking an explanation for why they seem to be so different. They also more sensitive to criticism and and prone to shame.  Besides being emotionally over excitable, many gifted people are also over excitable in other areas. . . Managers who supervise gifted workers need to keep their needs in mind: no organization can afford to lose its talented workers. Let’s start with the basics.  Giftedness is no guarantee of career success and it’s not unusual for gifted individuals to struggle in their careers. Many studies documented the challenges of gifted individuals in the workplace, finding that extraordinary intellectual ability did not always translate into meaningful or productive work lives. Gifted and creative individuals are highly sensitive.  They feel conflict intensely and will take great steps to try to resolve it. The sense of going where they don’t want to – under the control of something hidden –  is thus very painful and discouraging for them. As a coach I am able to inform them about their traits, validate it, and thereby permanently improve their self-esteem while helping them learn from me the advantages of they traits and how to handle what could become disadvantages. I have many hours of experiences working with this group.